Lady Gaga Underwhelms at Balenciaga

Lady Gaga sat front and center at the Balenciaga show at Paris Fashion Week on Friday, showing off two unique outfits in a single night. It’s not uncommon for the queen of shock pop to have many costume changes in a single night, but these outfit were rather shockless for the newly engaged singer songwriter.

She wore a tight black dress with a high slit up the centre, highlighting her lean and slender figure. She jazzed it up with an envy-inducing pair of pointed heels, while rocking a set of black leather gloves. The simple outfit was quite nice, despite it being surprise-less.

The second outfit the 28-year-old beauty wore was a metallic and silk embellished dress, which boasted a bodice accompanied by a long ill-fitted black skirt and the same heels from the previous outfit. This outfit was a bit of a hot mess, making it the only reason it stood out of the crowd.

Lady Gaga’s trademark over-the-top outfits were no where to be seen, and we have to wonder––is married life causing her to tone it down a notch?
Blaine  Fuller
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